Stucco Sheet Metal


Stucco sheet metal is a kind of decorative material with embossing treatment, usually made of materials such as aluminum alloy and aluminum-magnesium alloy.

The production method of stucco aluminium sheet metal includes the following steps:

Preparing raw materials: selecting suitable aluminum alloy materials, usually high-purity and high-strength alloys.

Cutting and forming: Cut and form the aluminum sheet according to the desired size and shape.

Surface treatment: Perform surface treatment on the aluminum sheet, including steps such as degreasing, cleaning and de-oxidizing to ensure a clean and flat surface.

Embossing treatment: Various patterns are embossed on the aluminum sheet metal by embossing machine or similar equipment.

stucco sheet metal

Common patterns of stucco aluminum sheet metal include:

Geometric Patterns: Combine basic geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, etc. to create a variety of beautiful patterns.

Texture pattern: a class of pattern designed by imitating the texture form of natural materials, such as wood grain, marble grain, granite grain and so on.

Pattern pattern: stucco aluminum sheet pattern designed based on calligraphy, graffiti or other specific forms, which is very artistic and unique.

Common uses of stucco sheet metal include:

Architectural decoration: used for building exterior walls, interior partitions, ceilings and bathroom partitions.

Furniture manufacturing: widely used in the surface decoration of furniture products, such as tables, chairs, headboards and so on.

Electronic product shell: in the manufacture of electronic product shell, embossed aluminum sheet can provide more beautiful and unique appearance design.

Other fields: it can also be used in packaging, aerospace, mechanical parts processing, mold making, chemical/insulation pipe coating and other fields.

It should be noted that specific production methods, pattern types and uses of stucco sheet metal may vary depending on different product designs and application scenarios. Therefore, in the actual production process, it is necessary to select and adjust according to the specific requirements.

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