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Non Slip Ramp Material

Series1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 6061
TemperH14, H16, H18 H24, H32, H112
Thickness1.0 - 5.0mm
Width500 - 2000mm
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Non Slip Ramp Material

Non slip ramp material use aluminum chequer plate to provide smooth and stable surface for wheelchair users and pedestrians to access buildings, public transportation and other facilities.

The surface of the non skid sheet for ramps is covered with a check plate pattern, which provides additional traction and reduces the risk of slipping, especially in wet or slippery conditions. The aluminium anti slip sheets ramp makes it lightweight and easy to handle, while also being strong and durable.

The non slip sheets for ramps is typically installed over small gaps or obstacles, such as the gap between a sidewalk and a building entrance or the steps leading up to a bus or train. It can be placed directly on top of an existing surface, such as a sidewalk or driveway, without the need for complex foundations or supports.

The specification of anti slip sheets for ramps:

Aluminum Alloy: 1100, 3003, 5052

Temper: H14, H16, H18 H24, H32, H112

Pattern: Two bars, three bars, five bars, diamond bars

Thickness: 1.0 - 5.0mm

Width: 500 - 2000mm

Benefits to using aluminium chequer plate for ramps:

1, Durability: Aluminium is a strong and durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Aluminium chequer plate ramps are resistant to corrosion and can last for many years with proper maintenance.

2, Lightweight: Aluminium non slip ramps are much lighter than ramps made of other materials, making them easier to move and install. This is especially useful when the ramp needs to be temporarily set up or moved to a different location.

3, Slip-resistant: The aluminum chequer plate pattern on the surface of the ramp provides additional traction, helping to prevent slips and falls. This is especially important for people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, who may be more vulnerable to falls.

4, Easy to install: Aluminium chequer plate bridge ramps are typically designed for quick and easy installation. They can be placed directly on top of an existing surface, such as a sidewalk or driveway, without the need for complex foundations or supports.

5, Affordable: Aluminium ramps are generally more affordable than ramps made of other materials, such as steel or concrete. This makes them a cost-effective solution for providing wheelchair and pedestrian access in a variety of settings.




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