Polished Diamond Plate Metal


Polished diamond plate metal is a kind of aluminum plate whose surface has been specially polishing treated with smooth glossy effect and specific diamond pattern. The common thickness range of polished diamond plate is between 0.3mm and 1.2mm, ordinary type polished diamond aluminum plate, used for the purpose of requiring low abrasion resistance or no special abrasion resistance requirements, such as indoor and outdoor decorative materials, generally use 0.5-0.8mm thickness aluminum diamond plate. And in special places, such as the need for overhanging, high corrosion or easy to rust and corrosion, you may need to choose a thicker diamond aluminum plate to increase its durability.

polished diamond plate metal

The advantages of polished diamond plate metal are as follows:

Strong decorative:

The pattern of polished aluminum diamond plate is rich and varied, which can be processed into different patterns according to different needs, such as European, Chinese, simple and other different styles of patterns, making its decorative effect outstanding.

Wear-resistant and anti-slip:

Its surface design makes it have good wear-resistant and anti-slip, which can keep the beautiful effect for a long time and prolong the service life.

Easy to clean:

The surface of polished diamond plate is not easy to stain, just use neutral detergent to gently wipe can be, maintenance is very convenient.

The application occasions of polished diamond plate metal are very wide, mainly including:

Ground Decoration:

It is suitable for various ground environments, such as indoor, outdoor, public space, commercial places and so on. Especially in areas with high traffic, its wear-resistant and non-slip characteristics enable it to maintain its beauty for a long time.

Furniture Manufacturing:

Using polished diamond aluminum plate on countertops, cabinet doors, drawers and other parts of furniture can not only add to the aesthetics of the furniture, but also enhance its practicality.

Architectural decoration:

Because of its beauty, durability and corrosion resistance, it is often used in building facades, roofs, railings and other parts of the building to enhance the overall aesthetics and visual impact of the building.

Landscape facilities:

In parks, squares and other public spaces, polished diamond plate aluminum can be used to make landscape walls, flower beds, seats and other facilities.

Please note that the production process of polished diamond plate sheet is complicated, and you can guarantee its quality by choosing regular manufacturers to work with. Meanwhile, its price may be a little higher, and you need to purchase it according to the specific environment and demand when applying it.

In conclusion, with its unique decorative effect, superior performance and wide range of applications, polished diamond plate metal has an important position in the field of decorative engineering.

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