Non Slip Flooring Sheets


The use of aluminum checker plate for non slip flooring sheets improves slip resistance, increases aesthetics, is environmentally friendly and recyclable, reduces weight, and has excellent corrosion resistance. These advantages make checker aluminum plate the ideal choice for non-slip flooring material.

non slip flooring sheets

The main reasons for using aluminum tread plate for non slip flooring sheets are as follows:

Improvement of anti-slip performance:

Checkered aluminum sheets are designed with special patterns on the surface, and these patterns increase the frictional resistance of the sheets, thus effectively preventing accidental slips from occurring. Whether in indoor or outdoor environments, non slip aluminum flooring sheets provide a stable and reliable walking surface, improving walking safety.

Increased aesthetics:

The patterned design of aluminum checker plate not only provides an anti-slip function, but also increases the aesthetics of the floor, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable:

Tread aluminum plate are 100% recyclable and have a high recycling residual value, which is good for the environment.

Weight reduction:

Chequered aluminum plate has low density and light weight, the use of aluminum flooring sheets can effectively reduce the weight, easy to install and transport.

Excellent corrosion resistance:

Checkered aluminum plate has good anti-rust and corrosion resistance, suitable for use in vehicles, ships and other environments.

Aluminum checker plate is mainly used for non slip flooring in the following occasions:

Transportation field:

Non slip aluminum flooring sheet has a wide range of applications in the transportation field, such as vehicle compartments, platforms anti-slip, and cold storage floor anti-slip and so on. Due to its excellent anti-slip performance, it can effectively prevent accidental slipping and fall, and protect the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.


Checkered aluminum is also commonly used in the construction of non-slip flooring, such as floors, corridors, stairs and so on. Its beautiful and generous appearance and non-slip performance make it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor decoration.


Patterned aluminum sheet can also be used for non slip flooring in the packaging field, such as pallets, shelves and so on. Its non slip performance can effectively prevent the goods from sliding during transportation and ensure the safety of logistics.

To sum up, aluminum checker sheet is mainly used for non slip flooring sheets in transportation, construction and packaging fields, and its anti-slip performance, aesthetics and environmental friendliness make it widely used in these fields.

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