Metal Flooring Sheets


Metal flooring sheets are used as anti skid flooring materials, it has excellent non slip effect, meanwhile, it it wear resistant and has long service life. Among metal flooring sheets for sale, the aluminum flooring sheets are more favoured by market, mainly because of the special pattern designed on the surface, which increases the friction resistance of the aluminum floor sheets and can effectively prevent accidental slips from occurring. Whether in indoor or outdoor environments, aluminium flooring sheets provide a reliable and stable walking surface.

metal flooring sheets

Metal flooring sheets can be used as flooring materials in a variety of settings and locations that require slip resistance, including the following:

Public places:

The floors in public places are prone to slip and fall accidents due to the large flow of people, and therefore require the use of materials with good anti-slip performance. Aluminum flooring sheets can be used for the floor of public places such as public toilets, corridors, stairs and other public places because of its excellent anti-slip performance.

Factory workshop:

The floor of factory workshop often involves grease and water stains, which are easy to make people slip and fall. Metal flooring sheets can effectively solve this problem and improve work safety.

Ship decks:

Ship decks often come into contact with water and need to withstand various weather conditions, so non-slip performance is crucial. Marine grade aluminum tread plates can be used as non-slip materials for ship decks to improve walking safety.

Refrigerated equipment:

The low temperature inside refrigerated equipment makes it easy for people to slip and fall. Patterned aluminum flooring sheets can be used as flooring material for cold storage equipment, providing good anti-slip performance.

Airport walkway: airport walkway is prone to accidents in rainy or snowy days, the use of checkered aluminum sheet as the anti-skid material of airport walkway can effectively improve the safety of slip.


In stadiums, due to the large number of people and intense movement, the anti-slip performance of the floor is crucial. Metal flooring sheets can be used as anti-slip materials for stadium floors to improve the safety of sports.

Commercial facilities:

In commercial facilities, where the flow of people is high and the floor is prone to abrasion and pollution, the use of aluminum checker plate as flooring material can provide good anti-slip performance and durability.

To sum up, metal flooring sheets is widely used as flooring material in various occasions and locations where anti-slip is required due to its excellent anti-slip performance, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant features, including public places, factory workshops, ship decks, refrigerated facilities, airport walkways, stadiums and commercial facilities.

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