Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheets For Gym Wall Covering


Aluminum diamond plate sheets for gym wall covering are made of 1060 and 3003 diamond aluminum plate. The aluminum checker plate used for gym wall covering can be made with a variety of pattern, such as diamond pattern, 3 bar pattern, five bar pattern, tiger paw pattern, etc. These textures not only increase the artistic sense and visual effect of the aluminum plate, but also improve their physical properties, such as anti-slip, anti-abrasion and corrosion resistance. Such design can make the aluminum checkered plate remain stable and prolong its service life in the high humidity and high frequency use environment of the gym.

aluminum diamond plate sheets for gym wall covering

The main reasons for adopting aluminum diamond plate sheets for gym wall covering walls are as follows:

Strong decorative effect:

Diamond aluminum plate surface with natural pattern, the appearance of a very visual effect, can greatly enhance the environmental texture, so that the walls of the gym looks more modern and stylish, and at the same time can enhance the overall decoration grade.

Strong function:

Diamond aluminum sheet not only has flame retardant, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof and moistureproof performance, and good heat resistance, can be resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, excellent performance of local coverage, will not be affected by moisture, suitable for a variety of geographical environments.

Strong durability:

The durability and corrosion resistance of diamond plate sheet for gym wall is good, long service life, even in the gym such as high humidity, high-frequency use of the environment, but also to maintain stable performance, effective maintenance of the equipment, to extend the service life.

Environmental protection and easy to maintain:

Aluminum diamond plate environmental performance is good, will not release harmful substances, in line with the requirements of the gym on environmental protection. At the same time, because of its smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain, can reduce the difficulty and frequency of cleaning work.

Convenient installation and construction:

Checker aluminum plate is easy and quick to install and construct, which can greatly shorten the decoration cycle and reduce the cost of decoration.

To sum up, aluminum diamond plate sheets for gym wall covering have become the ideal choice for gym walls due to its excellent decorative effect, powerful function, durability, environmental protection and ease of installation and construction.

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