Aluminium Tread Plate 5754 H111 H114


5754 aluminum tread plate refers to 5754 aluminum alloy plate which is quenched and treated with pattern processing to make aluminum plate with patterned grain. This aluminum tread plate has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, good workability and other characteristics, commonly used in ships, automobiles, aircraft, construction and other fields. H111 and H114 are two common tempers of 5754 aluminium tread plate, which indicate different heat treatment states respectively. H111 temper indicates natural aging after quenching treatment, and H114 temper indicates stretching treatment after quenching treatment.

5754 aluminum tread plate

5754 aluminum tread plate is a type of aluminum sheet with an uneven patterned grain, usually used for flooring, decorative panels and industrial purposes. Common types of aluminum tread plate patterns include five-stripe reinforced pattern, diamond pattern, three bars reinforced pattern, and so on. Specific specifications and pattern forms can be customized according to customer needs. Common specifications include thicknesses in the range of 1-8mm, and widths and lengths can be customized according to actual needs.

Aluminium tread plate 5754 H111 and H114 usually have the following properties:

1. Good corrosion resistance:

5754 aluminum alloy belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy series, which has excellent corrosion resistance and is especially suitable for use in seawater environments or highly corrosive occasions.

2. High strength:

5754 aluminum alloy has high strength after heat treatment, which is suitable for some applications requiring strength.

3. Good processability:

5754 aluminum alloy is easy to process, can be cut, formed, welded and other processing processes, suitable for a variety of processing and manufacturing processes.

4. Good abrasion resistance:

The uneven pattern on the surface of the aluminum tread plate can increase the friction and improve the abrasion resistance, which is suitable for flooring and other occasions that require abrasion resistance.

5. Good decorative properties:

Aluminum tread plate has a unique pattern pattern, which can increase the decorative properties of the product, widely used in the field of architectural decoration.

It should be noted that the specific characteristics also depend on the specific production process, treatment and pattern design and other factors. Therefore, when choosing 5754 aluminum tread plate, it is recommended to choose according to the actual needs and applications to ensure that the performance and quality of the products meet the requirements.

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