1/8 Black Diamond Plate


1/8 black diamond plate is a 1/8 inch diamond plate product who’s thickness is 0.125 inch, equals to 3.175 mm. 1/8 black aluminum diamond plate is widely used in many fields due to its unique appearance and excellent performance. Below is a detailed explanation of the uses you mentioned, such as trailer stone guards, wall decorations and kick plates:

1/8 black diamond plate

Trailer rock stops:

1/8 black aluminum diamond plate are a great choice for trailer rock stops. Its strong and durable characteristics can ensure that in the trailer driving process, the diamond plate can effectively prevent stones, dirt and other debris splashing, to protect the body and the surrounding environment. At the same time, its black appearance is not only beautiful and generous, but also can be well coordinated with the overall style of the trailer.

Wall Decoration:

Black aluminum diamond plate as wall decoration material can significantly enhance the beauty and texture of the space. The combination of black aluminum diamond plate and walls can create a unique visual effect, adding a touch of elegance and style to indoor or outdoor spaces. Its lightweight and easy-to-process characteristics make the installation process more convenient.

Anti-kick plate:

In public places such as hospitals, schools, offices, etc., anti-kick plate is an important facility to protect the wall from kicks and impacts. Black diamond aluminum plate as anti-kick board material not only has excellent impact resistance, but also its black appearance can be well integrated into various environments, both practical and beautiful.

In addition, 1/8 black diamond plate can also be used to make furniture, doors, windows, partitions, etc., adding a touch of elegance and style to home and office environments. Its anti-slip performance also makes it widely used in places that require high security, such as stairs and corridors.

Overall, 1/8 black diamond plate have a wide range of application prospects in many fields such as trailer blocking slabs, wall decorations, anti-kick boards and so on due to its unique appearance and excellent performance. However, the specific applications need to be selected and designed according to the actual needs and scenes.

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