Painted Diamond Plate


Color painted diamond plate do have a strong decorative effect due to their unique color and diamond pattern design. The thickness of color painted diamond plate sheets in the market is usually between 0.5~1.0mm, but other thickness specifications may exist to suit different applications and uses, the specific thickness can be determined according to the needs of the project. 3003 painted aluminum diamond plate is mainly made of alloy materials such as aluminum, manganese, magnesium and tin. The addition of these alloying elements can improve the strength, corrosion resistance and other physical properties of the painted diamond plate, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, easy to extend, easy to weld, easy to bend, easy to stamp, easy to cut and high temperature resistance.

painted diamond plate

Color painted diamond plate sheets are available in a wide range of colors, covering almost every common color as well as many special custom colors. The following are some common colors of color painted diamond plate:

White: simple and bright, suitable for all kinds of interior decoration scenes.

Gray: understated and modern, commonly used in commercial and industrial locations.

Black: classic and versatile, can be used with other colors or materials.

Blue: fresh and peaceful, commonly used in gyms, swimming pools and other sports venues.

Red: Energetic, suitable for places where enthusiasm and energy need to be stimulated.

Gold and silver: luxurious and noble, often used in high-end decoration.

Applying painted diamond plate on the walls of gyms not only enhances the aesthetics of the overall environment, but also creates a vibrant and dynamic exercise space for gym-goers. Color coated diamond aluminum plate have a variety of advantages, such as:


Rich colors and various pattern designs can meet different decorative needs, making the walls of the gym glow with a unique charm.


Aluminum diamond plate material has excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance, which can resist the impact of high humidity, high temperature and other harsh environments in the gym, and maintain long-term beauty.

Easy to clean:

Aluminum diamond plate surface is smooth, not easy to stain dust and stains, cleaning is convenient and fast, reducing maintenance costs.

Environmental protection:

Color painted diamond aluminum plate adopts environmentally friendly paint, non-toxic and harmless, in line with the requirements of green building.

In gym decoration, color painted diamond plate can be personalized according to different areas and functions. For example, in the strength training area, you can choose aluminum diamond plate with more calm colors and simple patterns to create a professional and serious atmosphere; in the aerobic exercise area, you can choose aluminum painted diamond plate with bright colors and lively patterns to stimulate the vigor of the athletes.

The price of color painted diamond plate varies according to many factors, such as brand, specification, pattern design, quality, and market supply and demand. Generally, color painted diamond plate sheets will cost slightly more than regular aluminum plates because they are specially patterned and color coated. These extra processing and treatments make the color coated diamond aluminum plate more decorative and functional, and also increase its cost.

To sum up, color painted diamond plate has high application value in decoration, which is both beautiful and practical.

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