Checkered Plate Unit Weight


The formula for calculating the checkered plate unit weight is generally as follows: weight (kg) = area (㎡) × weight per unit area (kg/㎡). Among them, the aluminum checker plate weight per unit area varies according to different specifications, for example, the checker plate weight per square meter of single-thin aluminum plate is about 2.71 kg, the weight per square meter of standard aluminum checkered plate is about 3.5 kg, and the weight per square meter of thickened aluminum checker plate is about 4.07 kg. That means, the aluminium checker plate weight per square meter is about 1.29 times of ordinary aluminum plate with same alloy and temper. In addition, the density of different aluminum grades are not the same, the alloy aluminum density is higher than that of pure aluminum, this will also affect the aluminium checker plate unit weight.

checkered plate unit weight

The weight calculation for aluminum checkered plate is slightly more complicated than for plain aluminum plate. The weight calculation of ordinary aluminum plate usually involves only the weight of the base plate, i.e. thickness x length x width x density. On the other hand, checkered aluminum plate needs to consider the weight of the pattern in addition to the weight of the base plate. Although the weight calculation of the pattern is not directly based on its physical dimensions, there is usually a fixed value, such as 0.6KG per square, which is added to the weight of the base plate to arrive at the total aluminum checkered plate weight per square meter.

Overall, there are more factors to consider for checkered plate unit weight calculation due to its special surface pattern design, including the weight of the base plate and the weight of the pattern. On the other hand, the weight calculation of ordinary aluminum plate is relatively simple, based mainly on the physical dimensions and density of the base plate. This difference makes it necessary to consider the specific application scenarios and needs when choosing aluminum sheet materials.

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